1. What’s the word?
    Write the word under the pictures.
    eggs-2, basket-3 chocolates-4, bunnies-5,
    lamb-7, chicks-1, nest-8, hot cross buns-6.

  1. Match them up!
    Match the beginnings and the ends of the sentences. In the UK, Easter is usually in – March or April.
    For many people, Easter is a – new life.
    In the UK, it is also a spring holiday celebrating – in bright colours.
    At Easter, many people like painting eggs – Easter eggs!
    Some children play a game of rolling eggs – religious holiday.
    Many children go on an egg hunt, looking for hidden – down a hill. religious holiday.
    People eat lots of chocolate eggs and – special Easter cake.
    In the UK, people also eat hot cross buns and a – chocolate bunnies.
  1. Find the words!
    Find the Easter words from exercise 1 in the wordsearch below. Chocolates, basket, hot cross buns, nest.

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