Many, Much. English. 19.04.2022

1. Liquid – much

Hours – many

luck – much

Rain – much

Geese – many

Bread – much

Noise – much

People – many

Food – much

Gold – much

Fun – much

Numbers – many

Salt – much

Things – many

English – much

2. Music – much

Bees – many

Beer – much

Money – much

Snow – much

Mice – many

Health – much

Sugar – much

Children – many

Clouds – many

Women – many

Work – much

Vegetables – many

Intelligence – much

Love – much

3. Did hi sell many pictures?

It didn’t rain much last year.

Do you know many Mexican people?

There aren’t many rivers there.

Do you spend much money?

Did you buy many clothes?

They didn’t pay much attention.

Have you read many English books?

There wasn’t much wind.

She doesn’t have much patience.

4. Much smoke.

Many insects.

Much plastic.

Much attention.

Many men.

Many flowers.

Much water.

Many teeth.

Many books.

Much beauty.

5. There isn’t much snow.

Are there many children?

There aren’t many shops.

Is there much food left?

There aren’t many lemons.

Is there much honey?

There isn’t much olive oil.

There are too many people.

There is too much noise.

There isn’t much time.

6. We don’t see many flowers in winter.

My daughter spends too much money.

There weren’t many cars in the city yesterday.

Thank you so much for your help.

You didn’t drink much last night.

Do you know many people in Spain?

Are there many different insects species?

I don’t speak much French.

She doesn’t have much time to read.

There was so much noise that I couldn’t sleep.

Are there many houses painted in blue?

If you have too many mistakes, you will not pass the test.

8. Jane hasn’t got much time.

Do you know many words in English?

He didn’t eat much meat.

There isn’t much butter in the fridge.

How many eggs did the hens lay?

Samantha has as much money as Bruce.

How many lessons do you have on Mondays?

There was too much noise in the streets.

I cannot see many stars in the sky tonight.

Do you have many friends abroad?

11. Many pupils.

Much time.

Much money.

Many dollars.

Much milk.

Many children.

Much water.

Much fun.

Many dogs.

Many people.

12. How much sugar have we got.

How many apples do we need.

How many sandwiches do you want.

There is a lot of cheese.

13. There is too much water in the bath tub.

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