Food waste

children putting food scraps in compost box

An update – թարմացնել

A campaign – քարոզարշավ

Compost – պարարտանյութ

A portion – մի բաժին

A canteen – ճաշարան

Leftovers – մնացորդ

Waste – թափոն

A landfill site – աղբավայր

Stop wasting food! Campaign update

The campaign to reduce food waste is in its third week, and we’re already seeing some great results. We’d like every student and teacher to join in the campaign at school and at home, so if you haven’t started yet, read our blog and join in!

Stop wasting food at school

According to school lunch director Marge Kaplan, ‘the children are making a big effort to think in a sensible way about the food they put on their plates. We now have about 15% less waste and we think this percentage will grow as more children join in the campaign.’

The school canteen now offers two portion sizes for all main meals: small and large. This week they’ll replace single bread rolls with slices of bread. You can take as many slices as you want, but one at a time to save waste.

enlightened Latest news!

From next week you’ll be able to put any waste from fresh fruit and vegetables into the special green bin at the back of the canteen. Miss Norris, the school gardener, will empty the bin each day into a giant compost container in the school’s vegetable garden.

Stop wasting food at home

Every year, we waste about a third of our food. A lot of this waste is cereals, fruit and vegetables. In the UK, more than 97% of food waste ends up in a landfill site. That’s a lot!

Come to a special meeting with supermarket owner Carlos Rodriguez to learn how we can save food and money at home!

enlightened Campaign meeting!

How to save food and money at home

  • When: Friday 12 May, 5 – 6 p.m.
  • Where: School hall
  • Who: Carlos Rodriguez
  • What: Top tips on how to store food, measure sensible portion sizes and cook tasty meals from leftovers

Students and families welcome!


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